Smart Ways to Save Money When Selling Your Granville County, NC Home

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If you have decided to sell your Granville County home in North Carolina, then you must know that it will bring you some profit, but it will also cost you a bit. There are numerous ways in which money simply slips out of your hands during the process. And when later on you make some calculations, you may even be surprised by the numbers. Still, there are some tips on how to avoid at least some of the expenses. Take a look at our shortlist of ways to save money when selling your Granville County home in North Carolina.


1 Find a reliable real estate agent

The home selling process is not the easiest thing in the world. Nor is it the cheapest, either. And, the faster you sell your home, the fewer expenses you will eventually have. And who can help you speed up the process better than an experienced real estate agent?

Although hiring an agent costs you some commission, making this move still pays off. If you find an agent who knows well the area you are selling in, he can help you make the best possible offer. Sometimes much higher than you may expect. What’s more, selling fast means avoiding additional mortgage payments.

Two people are talking with a real estate agent.
Professional help is always the smartest choice.

2 The different types of fees

There is one thing you need to remember – not all the fees are the same. The paperwork fees are some of those that you cannot negotiate. Still, when it comes to the staging fees, your agent’s commissions, or the warranty costs, well, there, you can make slight changes. And you shouldn’t miss that chance.

Furthermore, when it comes to organizing the moving process, the same counts for that, too. There is no need to overspend your budget on some expensive services and companies. Always pick wisely, and don’t forget to negotiate your moving package before you make a deal.


3 Make some use of the modern technology

The internet and all the modern technology at our disposal can tremendously speed things up. However, they can also help us save some money. Thus, for example, you can use social networks to announce that your home is for sale. Then, you can also communicate with potential buyers online and make the final deals via the internet. All you need is to have the electronic version of all the important documents necessary for the selling process ready at any time. And you can seal the deal with only a single click of your mouse.

A woman is using her laptop.
Taking advantage of the internet is one of the smartest ways to save money when selling your Granville County home.

4 Don’t spend too much money on repairs is one of the ways to save money when selling your Granville County home

Renovating your home at the time when you are moving out of it is a complete waste of resources. It’s all right to do several crucial repairs and fix everything that isn’t working properly. Still, it would be best to focus only on what you can do by yourself.

Another good way to save money when selling your Granville County home is to sell it as-is. Most people would disapprove of this idea since it may seem that you can slow down the selling process that way. But it’s not entirely true. There are a lot of people who would agree to buy an as-is property. And, in most cases seller is satisfied with the bargain, as well.


5 Be realistic

Most people find it hard to determine the initial price for their property. That’s because no one can pay for all the memories and beautiful family moments you have spent there. However, this is what can lead you in the wrong direction.

That is why you should research the average home prices in the area and similar properties. Then, make sure you set a realistic price and don’t leave any space for price negotiation. The more you spend negotiating the price, the more confused you will be. Plus, it doesn’t mean that you’ll sell your property in the first place. And, in most cases, you’ll eventually lose more than you’ll earn.

Of course, negotiations have some benefits, but that solely depends on the type of buyers you have. As with setting the price, you need to be realistic in negotiating. Sometimes it’s better to turn down an offer than to accept a low one.


6 Deal with the removal process by yourself

Experts from  claim that there is always too much to deal with when the relocation process starts. And although it would be much easier to have a professional by your side, you can do some things on your own.

Thus, for example, when you come to the point of packing your stuff, disassembling your furniture, or removing unwanted items, it won’t hurt if you decide to do it on your own. It may be a bit difficult to handle and take more time, but it will undoubtedly positively affect your budget. However, just because you don’t have professionals at your side doesn’t mean you have to do everything on your own. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your friends and family to see if anyone can lend you a helping hand.

Two people are carrying some boxes.
Ask your friends to help you with the moving and removal process.

7 Professional home-buying companies

Although hiring a professional home-buying company may not be the first thing that will come to mind while selling your Granville County home, it can eventually prove the most effective one.

The initial price that such companies offer for your home is, in a way, a bit lower than the one you have had in your mind. Still, if you consider that there will be no additional fees or other expenses, the calculations may be pretty convenient for you as a seller. Plus, there will be no stress, negotiations, or time-consuming processes that the selling brings. Moreover, your home will leave the market faster than you can expect.


8 Avoid double bills paying

Finally, ensure there is not too much time between moving to your new home and selling the old one. The longer the time difference, the longer you will have to pay the bills for both homes. So, play it smart and choose the closing date carefully.

And, now you’re ready. We hope our tips will help you save money when selling your Granville County home a lot. All you need is a good plan and a clear picture of your finances and expenses. Good luck!

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