How to Close a Private Money Deal in Raleigh

how to close a private money deal in Raleigh

Are you looking for information on how to close a private money deal in Raleigh? There are many ways to make money in real estate. Creating private lending opportunities is an excellent way.

You can provide financial assistance to people who are looking to either buy a home or to invest in real estate properties for financial reasons.

Why Learn About How to Close a Private Money Deal in Raleigh?

If you are working full time in real estate investing or want to make it a nice, lucrative side career, you need to know as much about the real estate business as possible. One of the most important aspects of the real estate business is to understand how to close a deal. Real estate investors all have their various opinions on how best to do this.

The Assumptive Close

The assumptive close takes the perspective that the buyer will purchase or invest in the property that you are trying to sell. It becomes the psychological backdrop for the rest of your conversation. For example, you may say, “So when would you like me to send over the contracts, ma’am?” This kind of statement shows your belief that you are going to close the deal and that a sale is imminent.

If the buyer or investor is indeed ready to purchase, this may work to your advantage. If, however, they are not ready to close the deal, this technique may backfire on you and they could back out of the transaction.

The Need for Speed

Creating a sense of urgency in your sales pitch is also a good technique if the buyer is not yet fully decided. If you can let them know that the opportunity could be lost due to hesitation, they may be more likely to act.

Consider Your Competition

When closing a private money deal in Raleigh, ask if your buyer has any questions that have not been answered and consider how your competition would handle the same question. If you have other deals the client is considering, you are going to be held in constant comparison with your competitors. So know your competition and find a way to be better than they are.

Know Who the Decision-Maker Is

Another important aspect of closing a sale in the real estate investing industry (or any industry), is to know who the key decision maker is. If the person you are talking to is the key decision maker, you can speak directly to them. If they feel the need to talk to someone else before closing the deal, consider calling them right then while you have the client in front of you and offer to answer any question they have about the house.

Answer Client Objections

The key to good sales is being able to answer objections the buyer may bring up. Don’t take any of these objections personally but listen carefully to what they are and learn to address them with a solution. For example, if they say, “The price is too high,” learn to answer with, “What is it worth to you?” This may get them talking about a more reasonable figure that they can deal with and give you a starting point in your negotiations.

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