Improvements That Won’t Add Value to Your Harnett County, NC Home

One story house with a maintained yard

Selling your house may be stressful, especially if you are also shopping for another property to purchase. Make sure to find out how our home sale process works to make the most out of your real estate sale. If you want to sell your house or spend a lot of money on renovations, you need to know which are improvements that won’t add value to your Harnett County home in North Carolina.

You can’t take a step these days without being barraged with advice on how to raise the value of your home. Any upgrades you make, no matter how big or small will increase your home’s resale value when the time comes for you to move on. You’ve heard them all, from making your home more energy efficient to building an addition, remodeling your bathroom, or even converting your loft space. But is the end result worth the time, money, and effort?

Repairs to the garage

Whether you’re looking for a place to host guests or a quiet place to work from home, a garage conversion may be the perfect solution. Still, converting your garage into a livable space is risky if you plan to sell your property soon. Before selling, learn the difference between selling to us and listing with a local agent. The average cost of converting a garage into a livable space is around $10,000. Nevertheless, this improvement won’t add much value to your Harnett County NC home.

Inquiring minds want to know: why? Most buyers would rather have a functional garage than extra square footage in the house. Most customers, especially in colder areas, like to keep their cars clean and free of frost by storing them in a garage. A recent National Association of Home Builders survey found that 25% of homeowners thought garage storage was “vital,” while 56% said it was “desirable.” While garage storage is helpful, there are many reasons why people use storage facilities when renovating and have it when moving. Placing your items in a storage facility will allow you to get any work on your home done faster.

Solar panels, also known as photovoltaic (PV) panels

If you’re concerned about your monthly carbon footprint and electric bill, installing solar panels can seem like a no-brainer. However, installing solar panels typically does not increase the asking price when selling a home. Initial cost and estimated return on solar panels vary by location and type. Even so, the average cost of installing solar panels is between $11,144 and $14,696 after solar tax credits. This means that the return on investment is 10%.

Whether solar panels are leased or bought outright has a significant impact on their value. Leasing solar panels won’t boost your home’s worth because they’re not owned by you but by the company. As solar panels age and newer types hit the market, their value diminishes (by 9% yearly, according to one research).

Roof repairs

You should replace roofing about every 30 years. Potential purchasers will walk away from a house if they discover it needs immediate roof repair or replacement. Still, the cost of the work usually doesn’t compare favorably with the benefit. In general, prospective buyers assume that a house for sale has had all necessary repairs made. A rotting roof needs to be fixed if you want to keep buyers interested, and doing so will net you a return of 60% on your investment, which is an improvement that won’t add value to your Harnett County home.

Purchasing expensive home appliances

Serious cooks who spend much time in the kitchen may desire the best tools they can buy. If you know you’ll be moving in a few years, it could be best to hold off on those high-end purchases for now and save the money. If you have new and expensive appliances, the experts at suggest hiring professional help when moving to avoid causing any damage. Some appliances are heavy, and it is very easy to damage them or even cause damage to your home while carrying them if you don’t know what you are doing.

Some high-end appliances cost twice as much as regular appliances despite having similar functionality. Labels aren’t everything. When selling your home, it’s usually best to leave all fixtures and fittings where they are. Removing built-in appliances is a huge hassle that may require you to repair the area where they were installed.

Construction of a wine cellar

Only serious wine aficionados would consider a wine cellar, and the cost would be paid off over decades. The idea of a wine cellar is fantastic, especially if you have a wide variety of high-quality wines. However, the installation price might be as much as $90,000. Unless the homebuyer shares your love for wine, this may hurt you when selling the house. Selling your home could take a long time, but we can give you a fair cash offer and do it fast. While you may view the wine cellar as a unique feature in your home, it may cost you more than you would expect with little to no financial benefits.

New Concepts for garden landscaping 

In most cases, professional garden landscaping is an expensive improvement that won’t add value to your Harnett County home, costing an average of $4,000. You probably won’t make any money, and if you’re lucky, you might break even.

This doesn’t imply a garden shouldn’t be groomed or planted with flowers. After the pandemic, more buyers than ever would make an offer on a home with a great garden. If the front yard is ugly and overgrown, purchasers may not look at the remainder of the home.

Eccentric wallpapers

Even if wallpaper is having a renaissance and growing in popularity, don’t expect it to increase the value of your home. The average homeowner spends between $800 and $1,200 to wallpaper one room, an expense that is unlikely to be recouped in a sale. Since wallpaper is so personal, a style you love may not have widespread appeal. Most real estate agents recommend removing wallpaper to attract more buyers. Instead of painting your walls yourself, consider hiring a specialist.

In Conclusion

Now that we’ve covered the improvements that won’t add value to your Harnett County home, you should have a better idea of what to focus on. Spend your renovation budget and time only on features with a good ROI so that you can regain your investment when it comes time to sell your home.

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