How to Sell a House with a Creepy Past in Nash County, NC

A creepy old house.

Did you know that the famous Amityville house was sold and bought just like any other home in the years following all the talks about paranormal activity inside the place? That’s right. People are not so afraid to buy a so-called haunted property. Of course, it might be a turn-off for some buyers, but most are out there to strike a good deal. And you always strike a good deal on a haunted home. Since you’re reading these words, we’ll take a guess and say you’re trying to sell a house with a somewhat mysterious history. In the article below, we’ll show you all the tips and tricks on how to sell a house with a creepy past in Nash County, North Carolina. Stay tuned!


Why’s the place haunted in the first place?

First of all, you’ll have to do some investigation. If some vicious crime has happened inside the place, there’s not much you can do about it. You’ll have to be upfront about it. But don’t assume the place is haunted just because someone said so. You’ll have to ask yourself the following question: why do I think the place is haunted in the first place? There could be many reasons why you might think what you believe, but two of them stick out as the main ones:

  • Material reasons. Sometimes a home’s appearance convinces people that the place is haunted. All those horror-movie-like weird sounds or scary shadows might occur because you’ve got animals in the attic. What about branches scraping the windows on a windy night? Trim them, and the home will lose its “haunting” appeal.
  • Human imagination. Another reason people assume some home is haunted is that humans have a strong imagination besides an almost irresistible need to gossip. Sometimes the so-called “helpful” neighbors will spread ghostly rumors about the property. If you hear the place you’re trying to sell sits on an Indian burial ground or something, it’s best you steer clear of believing in such stories. It sounds like something straight out of a pulp horror book.
A house next to the woods.
Neighbors are often the ones that spread rumors about a home being haunted.

We’ll consider the first group of reasons and what you can do to make your soon-to-be ex-home less creepy before you sell it, regardless of whether something horrific truly happened inside the place.


Take care of the physical issues

There are a couple of things that you can do to make the place seem less creepy. For instance, you can oil all creaky hinges or fix creaky floorboards and steps. Maybe you can install windows or add some quality lighting to the rooms that don’t have any natural light coming from the outside. Also, most real estate experts would agree that you’ll strike gold if you get rid of any suspicious smells inside the home you’re about to sell. Lastly, try not to show the property to potential buyers on a day that seems like an ideal background for a horror flick. Instead, you can show the place once the weather’s sunny and life-affirming.

A typical one-story home.
Changing your haunted home’s facade might be just the thing you need.

Take care of the imaginative aspect

If there’s gossip surrounding the place you’re trying to sell, there’s not much you can do about it. In other words, you don’t have a lot of options on your hands. However, that’s nothing to worry about. We have a good suggestion you might want to follow: embrace the home’s alleged notoriety. Certain homes on the market have gained some good publicity because they were “haunted”. For instance, adding a sign that says “not haunted” next to a regular “for sale” sign will help you attract potential buyers. Such an action can generate a lot of traffic. As you’re well aware, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, and humor is always a path to buyers’ hearts.


Now, if something really happened inside your home…

Here we’ll introduce you to some tips on acting if something really happened inside the home you’re about to sell. Homes where a homicide occurred are colloquially referred to as “murder houses”. Here’s how you’ll sell a house with an undeniably creepy past! Before we start, don’t panic, it’s a lot easier than trying to sell a hoarder’s den!


Be frank and honest

Experts note that this should be your rule number one when trying to sell a house with a creepy past. Why? Well, many people got in trouble because they hadn’t disclosed such information to their buyers. Many US states have rules and regulations that clarify that the seller must mention past events that might devalue a property. Whether or not such a law exists in your state or not (you don’t have to be from NC to read this article), honesty is the way to go. Your buyers will appreciate it, and it will keep you out of the courtroom.

A group of letters that form: SPEAK TRUTH.
Be honest and upfront with your buyers.

Do a facade makeover

If the home you’re about sell gained a lot of media coverage and is somewhat recognizable, it might be a good idea to do a facade makeover. Even though you’ll have to disclose the info about what happened inside your home, making it look a bit different than on the TV screen will dissociate it from past events. Don’t worry that this will somehow damage your budget since there are ways you can cut costs in other spots. For instance, if you’re worried about the after-sale relocation, know that an affordable process is possible. You just need to find the right kind of company.


Don’t change the address

It will only worsen things and add more unwanted attention to the situation. Trust us, don’t do it. Keep your address the same.


Sell your home as-is

Many companies in NC would buy your “haunted” home for a reasonable price without requiring you to do any repairs or anything. Don’t get lost while searching for one!


Consider renting before selling

Experts say it’s much easier to sell a home once it’s occupied. Vacant homes with a creepy past aren’t so attractive.


Closing thoughts

So that’s about for this article on how to sell a house with a creepy past in Nash Country, NC. Hopefully, now you’ve realized that it isn’t such an effort-consuming ordeal as you might’ve thought it was. We’re pretty sure that you’ll sell your “haunted” home without much trouble!

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