There are different ways to sell your home in Raleigh, NC. Whether you are getting divorced, or you inherited a property, you can decide to sell your home on your own, hire a realtor agent or look for local home buyers in Raleigh, ND, like Easy Sale Home Buyers that gives you cash easily and quickly for your house. 


Better Option Than A Real Estate Agent

Most people pick to work with a real estate agent; however, you get more benefits by working with a property investment company. Some of the benefits you get are the following: 

  • Money In Your Pocket ASAP: As an investment company, we handle money in cash; we make offers to homeowners facing emergencies to get the money as soon as possible.
  • Fast Closure: As soon as you accept the offer, we start the entire process, and we can close in as fast as 7 days. 
  • Don’t Worry About Repairs: Another great benefit is that we don’t require you to clean your home or make any repairs; we buy your house regardless of its condition. Once we have completed the process, we are the ones who make sure to make repairs or cleaning if needed. 
  • We Take Care Of Paperwork: We take care of everything related to the paperwork that needs to be ready for the closure of the house, and we can finalize the entire selling process and ownership transfer. 
  • No Commissions: You don’t have to pay us for commissions; since we buy directly from you, no commissions are needed. A real estate agent, on average, charges around 6% of the total amount of sale price of the house. 

We Make The Selling Of Your House Easier

At Easy Sale Home Buyers, we focus on making your life easier. We understand that you are looking to sell your house quickly and fast. We are ready to help you and make a fair offer for your house. 

You just need to get in touch with us, send the details of your house, and after we review them and your house meets our buying criteria, we start the process. You won’t need to worry about accepting the offer and putting cash in your pockets.