Having a rental is not always the best way to make an extra income. There is always the possibility that your rental may depreciate. Or maybe, you are uncertain that there will be a tenant in the future. 

For tenants, it is hard to stay in a rental for long since living in a rental house can become expensive. All the money that could go into a tenant’s investments or the interest they earn just by sitting in a bank account is going into a property that is not even theirs. 

We understand the struggles and the uncertainty of homeowners that own rentals. That is why in Easy Sale Home Buyers, we buy houses for cash in Franklin County through a fast and straightforward process. We research the details of the homes and start crafting a great offer. Then, we present a fair cash offer with no obligation and no fees. And finally, you can get the cash you need without waiting 6 to 12 months to get your house sold. Easy Sale Home Buyers are fast home buyers; you won’t have to worry or stress about your property. 


Why Sell?

As a landlord, you probably personally manage the property. This could mean that you are in charge of management and repairs. We understand the stress that managing repairs implies for you. Tenants take less care of the property since they know it isn’t theirs, which in return means less monthly income for you. Another issue that decreases your profit is the taxes you pay for renting your property.

Whether you want to sell your home because it is appreciated or depreciated, we understand that you want the money soon. Easy Sale Home Buyers does not care why you decide to sell; we care about making this process as simple for you as possible. 

Easy Sale Home Buyers

With Easy Sale Home Buyers, you will not have to stress about making any kind of repairs, remodelings, renovations, or replacements to your home. We will present you an offer for your house in Franklin County, no matter if it’s in great or bad condition. We are a stress-free, reliable company.

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