The relocation process is a stressful time. It’s not just packing and saying goodbye to friends; there are big decisions that need to be made about where you’re going next. And then there’s the house!

Selling your home can be tough when you don’t know where to start with so many things before moving day. That’s when you need a fast home buyer like us! At Easy Sale Home Buyers, we buy houses fast in Randolph County and offer homeowners a cash deal that is so easy it will make your head spin!


Fast Home Buyers: How Easy Does It Get?

“Who’s going to buy my house fast before my job transfer?” This is a question you might be asking yourself, and we have the answer! Easy Sale Home Buyers offers you an easy 3-step process that will help you sell your house fast and for cash:

  1. Home details: After you contact us, we will research the specifics of your property and begin putting together a fantastic offer for you.
  1.  Present a fair cash offer: We make you a reasonable cash offer with no strings attached and no costs.
  1. Get the cash: Get the money you need right away. You don’t have to wait months to sell your home.

At Easy Sale Home Buyers, we believe that selling a home should be simple. No hassle with realtors or waiting months to get the right offer; our process is quick and efficient because we value your time.

Why Are We The Best Choice To Sell Your House Fast In Randolph County

Since we pay cash for homes, we can offer you many benefits, unlike real estate agents, such as:

  • Taking care of the paperwork for you, so there are no legal hassles or stress involved with selling to us.
  • We buy houses as-is, meaning that we will not require any repairs on your property before buying it from you.
  • Close quickly; once you sign the deal and accept our cash offer for your property, there is no need to wait around for a single day!

If you’re thinking, “I want to sell my house fast in Randolph County,” contact us now. You’ll be happy with the money you receive and how quickly it will happen.