Important Paperwork You Need When Selling Your House In Raleigh

Are you here because you entered “sell my house fast” in the search bar? If we were to select the most daunting transactions in our lives, selling a house would certainly be on the top 10 list. Many things can delay or even derail the process if you have not done your homework. Some scenarios are inevitable, but you can avoid others if you are organized.

For example, there are important paperwork requirements when selling your house. Once you understand these, the sale of your house can be smooth and quick. In this text, we gathered the legal documents you must have if you are selling a house in Raleigh.

7 Documents You Must Have When Selling Your House In Raleigh


It’s most likely the most obvious document to have when buying or selling a house to cash buyers or on the market. You will need a property contract outlining the sale terms and conditions, the buyer’s offer, and the sale price. The contract should also include the date of closing, the buyer’s payment information, and what contingencies you must meet before the closing can take place.


In the state of North Carolina, all sellers must disclose any and all known problems or defects with the property. When selling a house in Raleigh, you must provide a Residential Property and Owners’ Association Disclosure form to the buyers. The law requires the form to ensure that the buyer knows what they are buying and the potential problems they may face with the property.


After the sale of the house is complete, you will need to transfer the ownership of the property to the buyer by signing the deed. You must register this deed with the right office, and the buyer receives a title to the property.

Occupancy Rider

Sometimes, the seller may need to remain in the property for at least a few days or weeks after the closing. In such cases, you will need an occupancy agreement or rider in which both parties agree to the conditions of continued residence. This document will also state when is payment for the time of occupancy due and how much it should be.

Third-Party Financing Clause

If the buyer requires a mortgage to purchase the house, you will need a third-party financing clause in your contract. In the documents, you should find details about the buyer’s loan, such as how much it is for and what type of loan it is. What makes this document vital is that you’ll be protected if the buyer fails to pay. With cash buyers, the process is way easier.


Everything you speak with the buyer or the agent should be in a document. Vague statements are not accepted by law, so if you promise something to the buyer, make sure to include it in the contract. Especially for non-conventional sales, make sure you write down what you agreed upon. You’ll avoid legal hassles that can delay the sale of your house.

Settlement Statement

You and your buyer must sign a Settlement Statement to ensure that the financial part of the sale is correct and that all parties understand what they’re getting from the sale. This document contains all of the fees, liabilities, and credits that are part of the transaction. Stick to the numbers you agreed upon and make sure all parties understand what’s in the statement. If you have questions, seek help from a professional.

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